A whole new exhibition where quality, innovation and synergy come together!
 Selected participants from industry professionals.
 Fabrics, yarns, technical textiles, accessories and patterns.
 Textile and fashion fabrics sector, trend and product supply platform.


Thousands of years of experience are being exhibited to the entire world.

A city with a leading position in the global market of fashion textile and accessories; a city that supplies quality, design and innovation oriented products to the leaders of the global market:


An attractive platform meeting the needs of fashion professionals: Luxury Or Ready-To-Wear Brands, Designers, Couture, Chain Stores, Garment Manufacturers…

The fashion textile players from the world, especially from Europe, and Turkey, are gathering at Bursa Textile Show in Bursa, the capital of textile. Attentively selected exhibitors will present their unique and high quality  2021 Spring / Summer  fabric collections.

Organized with the collaboration of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and lndustry, the fair is the perfect platform to exhibit the perfect quality and design of the Turkish textile. The fair is located in the center of Bursa, Turkey.

A show embodying ali the quality, innovation and synergy!